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Store Update:

Tmelines AlbumSome sold out CD stock is back on line, for those that have been asking. Please visit the Store Page to order. Free shipping throughout Australia.

For those that previously haven't bought the album, Timelines is an abridged collection of some of Doug's hits and greatest recording moments, spanning his long career.

Doug Parkinson on Soundcloud:

This track is called "Let Slepping Dogs Lie" from the "Heartbeat to Heartbeat" album, also featuring none other than one of Australia's greatest guitarists, Tommy Emmanuel.

Doug Parkinson on Soundcloud:

timelinesWe are going to start streaming some of Doug's back catalogue and live tracks on a new Soundcloud account. We'll rotate them through on this website, but feel free to add them to your own Soundcloud playlist, and of course share with others via social media. We hope to have some more material available for sale on Itunes and CD shortly.

This track is called "As Soon As Your Thing Is Done" from the "I'll Be Around" album, also featuring none other than one of Australia's greatest guitarists, Tommy Emmanuel.

From Doug:

"Hi Everyone. I just got home from a busy, but most enjoyable, two days of shows in Adelaide. We played Stonyfell Winery, dinner & show over the two nights and I have to say the Adelaide crowds who attended were just great. I met some really nice people after the show, had photos taken and generally had a lovely time. Chatted with a couple of S.A media legends John Pemberton and Paul Makin. Great guys, lotta fun and they’re still looking good. Shows you what abstinence and a clean lifestyle can do for you. Yeah sure!

Most remarkable thing about the shows was the band. I brought two old friends (and gun musicians) Gordon Rytmeister on drums, and the amazing Leon Gaer, genius bass player, formerly from the U.S. who now lives in Sydney. Lucky us! But the icing on the cake was the other two guys who made up the band. Both living and working in Adelaide. Paul White on keys with a beautiful Hammond Organ setup that reminded me of my early days with the Questions. Boy, there was some Déjà vu flying ‘round that stage. And guitarist James Muller, formerly from Sydney, who did my head in. I’ve been so lucky during my working life to have played with some of the greatest axe men in the land. This was my first taste of the James Muller experience. Hairs on the back of your head stuff. Anyway, it was a great two days and I look forward to doing it again in the new year.

I have a few Sydney dates coming up soon you might be interested in. I’m back for a show at Pittwater RSL on December 7th and I’ll catch up with a lot of old friends from the Northern Beaches. But my major cause for excitement is having been asked to join two old mates, Russell Morris and Jack Jones, for the Beatles ‘Back to Back’ series of concerts at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on January 2, 3, & 4 next year.

We’ll be performing all the tracks from the Sgt. Peppers and Abbey Road albums. Back to Back. It’s the first time I’ve been asked to do this very successful concept show. Lovely big band full of great players and singers and we get to play in Australia’s premier venue (my dream to play in the great hall for many, many years). It doesn’t get much better for this old boy from the Northern Beaches.

Have a peaceful and loving Christmas everyone and I hope the New Year brings happiness and prosperity to you all. "


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Duets - 3rd Annual Gala Charity Concert

For what you missed at the Duets Charity Concert, follow this link to see Doug and Mark Vincent performing live on Channel 7's Morning Show.

fannyAdamsIn Brief....

Doug Parkinson may look like the devil with his large frame and that goatee, but when he opens it up his voice is sweet and soulful, resonating in a way that few of his contemporaries can match.

Since the mid-Sixties Doug Parkinson has been regarded as one of Australia's finest vocalists, a “singer's singer” who is one of the truly great soul/R&B vocalists of our time. His deep, resonant, smoky baritone voice is operatic in its power, yet possesses a range and subtlety that few others can match. His sound is instantly recognizable and unmistakable, yet his great versatility enables him to be equally at home in almost every popular genre including soul, R&B, pop, psychedelia, heavy rock, jazz, swing and musicals. Added to his vocal prowess is an imposing stage presence (including his trademark "Lucifer" beard) and a solid acting ability.

fannyAdamsDoug has enjoyed a long and remarkably varied career in the Australian music industry, although like many of his contemporaries it has to be said that he has been woefully under-recorded. He is best remembered as the frontman for a fine array of top-notch groups from the mid-60s to the early ‘80s - the most memorable being the redoubtable Doug Parkinson In Focus.

In 2004 Doug rekindled the passion to record again. His first album after a hiatus of many years became a reality with the help of Sydney stellar musicans Gordon Rytmeister ­ drums, Leon Gaer - bass, Bill Risby - piano and David Longo - guitar. Doug recorded songs he recalls hearing and loving as a boy laying awake and glued to his bedroom radio somewhere after midnight.

The result a beautiful selection of standards sung by a man with an amazing gift we have all grown up with and loved for over four decades.

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